FREE Online Adult Learning Courses

We deliver a number of free online courses for adults. We have a selection of distant learning projects that can be completed from the comfort of your own home via online video. You will be fully supported by an online workshop, video tutorial, by email and telephone. All resources will be delivered directly to your door. Unsure how to access our live online courses? No problem! Full instructions will be given via email/phone to help you get set up ready for your class. All our courses are fully funded through the RNN Group, therefore, all participants must complete and enrolment/registration form.

Please click on the posters to view them at full size. We value the creativity and imagination of our learners and encourage you to develop your own ideas. Therefore the images on the posters represent what you may create and may differ from the finished piece.

At a Glance - July 2021.jpg

If you would like more information on any of our workshops or to book a a place then please get in touch: Email:, Tel: 01709 523107 or complete the Contact Us form on this website.

Summer Gonks

Time to break out the sunglasses! Come and take part in this FREE sizzling sunny craft course this summer. Learn how to give a gink a fresh summer makeover. On this session you will follow a pattern to hand sew your own unique 3D summer gonk. All resources will be provided for free.

Dates and Times:


10am to 12.30pm       Thursday 19th August 2021 - Face to face

1pm to 3.30pm           Thursday 19th August 2021  - Face to face        

Summer Gonks Poster - 19th August 2021.jpg

Fused Glass

In this FREE workshop you will create a glass sun catcher in your own design to hang in a window or which can be displayed on a stand. You will be given ideas of what different types of materials you can use such as glass 'frit' and what types of designs you can make which range from Christmas decorations to something personal to you. You will be taught how to cut glass and shape it using a glass grinder. The piece will be taken away to be melted in a kiln and then returned up to 2 weeks later.

Fused Glass Poster - 08_09_21.jpg
Fused Glass Poster - 11th October.jpg
Fused Glass Poster 09_11_2021.jpg

Dates and Times:

10am to 12.30pm     Wednesday 8th September 2021   **FULL**

1pm to 3.30pm         Wednesday 8th September 2021   **FULL**

10am to 12.30pm     Monday 11th October 2021

1pm to 3.30pm         Monday 11th October 2021

10am to 12.30pm     Tuesday 9th November 2021   **FULL**

1pm to 3.30pm         Tuesday 9th November 2021   **2 Places Remaining**

3D Needle Felting

Needle Felting is the craft of using a needle to repeatedly stab a piece of wool in order to stiffen and shape into a desired object. During this creating workshop you will develop these skills to produce a bee and beehive or a ladybird and leaf. You will learn the concepts of moulding and shaping, so you can continue to produce any item of your choice.

Dates and Times:


10am to 2.30pm       Thursday 22nd July 2021 - Face to face

10am to 2.30pm       Friday 23rd July 2021 - Face to face         **FULL**

3d Needle Felting 22nd July.jpg
3d Needle Felting 23rd July.jpg

Bug Hotel

Discover nature in the comfort of your own garden this summer by inviting a host of creepy crawlies.  Use woodworking skills and a selection of natural resources to make and decorate a bug hotel . Learn how material choices can attract different species of insects into your creation.

Dates and Times:

10am to 12.30pm     Friday 23rd July 2021   **FULL**

Bug Hotel 23rd July Online.jpg

Google Suite

Don’t let your lack of IT knowledge hold you back.  Join us and discover all the FREE applications Google has to offer while developing your own technology skills. At the same time,  learn how to create professional presentations and documents. This specially formatted session is designed for the novice user who would like to take their technology skill set to the next level, without the usual computing headaches.

Google Suite 21st July CLC.jpg

Dates and Times:

1pm to 3.30pm           Wednesday 21st July 2021 - Face to face

Nature Garland

Explore all things nature on this session. Using felt and basic hand sewing you will create an eye-catching garland. Where in nature will you take your inspiration from, the woodland, under the sea or maybe the weather? On this session you will learn how to hand sew a range of 2D and 3D items, bringing them together in a vertical or horizontal hanging.

Nature Garland Under the Sea - 21st July

Dates and Times:

10am to 12.30pm    Wednesday 21st July 2021    (Theme - Under The Sea) - Face to face